13 September 2007

the great banking panic of...1907 or 2007??

THis was great perspective...

"To understand fully the crash and panic of 1907, one must consider its context.

A Republican moralist was in the White House.

War was fresh in mind.

Immigration was fueling dramatic changes in society.

New technologies were changing people's everyday lives.

Business consolidators and their Wall Street advisers were creating large, new combinations through mergers and acquisitions, while the government was investigating and prosecuting prominent executives -- led by an aggressive young prosecutor from New York.

The public's attitude toward business leaders, fueled by a muckraking press, was largely negative.

The government itself was becoming increasingly interventionist in society and, in some ways, more intrusive in individual life.

Much of this was stimulated by a postwar economic expansion that, with brief interruptions, had lasted about 50 years.

Bring, then, a sense of irony informed by the present to an understanding of 1907."

11 September 2007

Open Letter of Congratulations!

Congrats to Georgia and Auburn!!

Your "powerhouse SEC programs" have now joined Michigan and Notre Dame in the pile of college football crap known as, "your season is now over. Thanks for being over-rated. See you next in 2010. Maybe."

(For the record, my beloved Arizona Wildcats have been there since John Mackovic got there in 2001. We are the ONLY team in the PAC-10 NOT to got the Rose Bowl. Only. Ever. Never.)

Congrats to "the ole ball coach" at Souffff Carolina on the big win in Athens. Love Spurrier...so glad he's beating people in the SEC. I can't wait for the "you can't spell Citrus without UT" blast. I love Urban Meyer--always have--and he's going to win a few championships at Florida, but Spurrier is a beauty. Nothing would be better than this guy just running through the SEC again--especially Alabama...I bet the OBC has some great one-liners locked & loaded for Nicky Saban. Can't wait....

If you all can't handle K-State, South Florida and South Carolina, it is going to be a nightmare against LSU and Florida. Might have to invoke the Little League mercy rule...wow. Good luck.

Speaking of good luck, yeah Arizona, you looked really freaking tough against my squad from NAU. Sure you dominated on the offensive and defensive lines, and executed your downfield passing-game to a T...but it was, let me remind you, against NAU!. All we've learned is that you might give Montana or Portland State, in NAU's BigSky conference, a good game...

Good luck winning a game against anyone outside of Palo Alto in the PAC-10 this year. Conference is the best & toughest it's ever been, 1 through 8. Arizona should win one. Stanford none.

That's all folks. Talk to you from Savannah, GA in 2010!

for those of you who have been woken up by mortar fire

...these might be your favorite clips ever.

I have a time or two....And these are :)

ps, not for the faint of heart--more for my military buddies...


Insurgents suck II

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Insurgents suck I

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