25 August 2007

well, if you're going to get a speeding ticket....

It might as well be for REALLY SPEEDING

24 August 2007

maybe he can unlock my car too?

This kid's briliant...although I want to wait for the all-software solution.

I was amazed that in the DCMA just passed by Congress that unlocking a phone was not illegal. That's phenomenal...wonder how long that will last?

I always thought the "unlocked" iPhone desires of Fred Wilson were just, shall we say a bit "moral libertarian"

Mark Cuban is not my myspace friend

Marky-mark....I watched your little reality t.v. show; you're boring. (kidding ;) )

ps, I agree with his premise that the internet is in its' infancy as far as delivery, technology and speed. However, I think we only need to look at the current telecom industry to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that further profit motive will not necessarily lead to comprehensive infrastructure upgrade, allowing for evolutionary or revolutionary advancement.

just my thoughts, marky-mark....

23 August 2007

My favorite story of 2007

This story makes my soul burn with joy on a number of levels!

I have written on numerous occasions, blogged, stated so in documentary film (Shades of Green by the super-talented Dustin) and in PhD interviews, that I love the Iraqi people and feel honored to have served for a sliver of time (177 days--but who was counting?) in such an ancient land--the birthplace of civilization--the land "between two rivers".

This story is like a small piece of eternal pride in my soul. I love the story of brotherhood, heroism, and sacrifice. And most especially, a sacrifice that was unrestrained by nationality, race or ethnic sect.

This story gives me hope in my dream to take my daughters back to Iraq one day as tourists.

This story...freaking rules!


22 August 2007

George Bush is killing another planet!

I'm sure you all that bow at the alter of Global Warming scripture will find a way to blame Bush, Halliburton, SUV's for Climate Change On Mars too

I mean, really?? Temps on Mars have increased at about the same rate as on earth since the 1970's? (uh. after the whole global cooling thing)


No way....it must have been Ronald Reagan and his Star Wars program.

lemmings. go find a cliff.


it's like, myspace, for spooks...

Finally. This is good news.

Honestly, one of the more forward-thinking things I've seen from Government in a long time. Who's running that joint anyway? A bunch of 20 or 30-somethings?

And as cool as that is, I envision this web 2.0 type of spook community as being more useful, as it presents wiki type of intel collaboration. Crafting and sharing may not even be quite as valuable though as the digg/de.lic.ous clone. Good stuff...

Good stuff. It's now one of my lifetime goals to stay OUT of their websites. Cool or not, that's one social networking profile I don't need....

and you thought YOU had a bad night's sleep...

No truth to the rumor that the dogs had escaped from a property owned by Atlanta Falcon's quarterback, Mike Vick

what did your ma tell you about wrastlin' them asian machines??

100 Yen for a broken arm??

No thanks. I'll stick to Pacman...or maybe pick up a cigarette habit or something.


21 August 2007

Umm...how 'bout you stop killing Jews first, then we'll talk

From the enlightened continent that brought us "the war to end all wars", Versailles treaty which stoked the Deutchland Uber Alles! fire, the inevitable rise of the Third Reich in reaction, and then that beauty of a conflict known as "Kill 5.7 million Jews and throw in another 30 million Russian civilians and combatants", we have THIS REQUEST

thanks for thinking of us, big bro! show us the way to civility!


ps, for the record, I am completely pro-life, which means as much I like Old Testament vengeance upon our nations most evil, I just can't fathom leaving life & death decisions in the hands of the O.J. jury and IRS-type bureaucrats....but that's just me

on the coldest August day ever in New York City...

On the coldest August day on record in NYC, I want to remind you that according to begley in Newsweek the number of researchers whose empirical studies find that the world is warming and that human activity is partly responsible numbered in the thousands even then. The IPCC report issued this year, for instance, was written by more than 800 climate researchers and vetted by 2,500 scientists from 130 nations.

"800, and 2,500 — not too shabby. But wait a sec. Begley makes no mention of the 17,000 plus scientists that have signed the petition denying man-caused global warming based on these arguments. Perhaps seventeen-thousand deniers are a bit — Inconvenient? — to her argument. In the one area where she does discuss some of the most recent science that casts doubts about man-caused warming, she dismisses it out of hand.

The idea of a “variable Sun” has remained a constant in the naysayers’ arsenal to this day, even though the tiny increase in solar output over recent decades falls far short of explaining the extent or details of the observed warming.

(I love that paragraph; so indicative of begley's style. Parenthesize something she intends to dismiss or cause doubt about, then label the opposition, AND insert her own quantifying language {tiny, falls far short, etc.}. Really, begley? REALLY? Does it now? Because YOU say so. Thanks. Nice try)

Odd that she didn’t follow up on that one. I’m a lay person, not a scientist, and only a tiny bit of research lead me to the rebuttal of her dismissal (from Canada of all places...) — the changing output of the sun appears to drive climate change with the help of an amplifier, cosmic rays. When the sun cools, more cosmic rays get past the diminished solar wind, penetrating our atmosphere, causing more cloud cover, causing lower temperatures. When solar activity is greatest, the opposite happens. We are near the end of a heightened solar period and those that postulate that the sun is the major driver of climate change have predicted that we will be seeing a cooling cycle over the next few decades."

from the brilliant piece, debunking the drive-by media's junk journalism by Begley at Newsweek, credit: Arthur D. Baker