10 August 2007

Today's sign that the apocalypse is upon us

Pray, pray for this poor lost soul

folks, I have to go. I just can't handle the depth of wretchedness in this act. apocalypse.

Coldplay...I mean that's earthly blasphemy....COLDPLAY!

(ps, I almost laughed at the quote, "they make me wish I didn't understand English". ALMOST)

sex panther for ladies

As those of you that follow me on twitter know, I have been engaged in mortal combat with the black Phyllis here at my classified, undisclosed location

This is not a battle of whit and intellect, as my sneezes are more interesting than my adversaries deepest thoughts...

This is not a battle for refridgerator space, as she has brilliant applied Sun Tzu strategies of mass (there's no freaking room for anything of mine) and surprise (her food seems to molecularly regenerate, thus never leaving any space)

Nor is this a battle for the most insanely ludicrous residence, given location of employment. Sure she lives by a golf course (we looked at it on these new inventions I brought to her attention called "Google Earth" and "Google Maps")...but it's 3 hours away in FREAKING SUN CITY!

No, this battle is an alagory of our times, as our white 30 year-old super hero finds himself fighting the daily oppression and institutionalized bigotry of biological and psychological terrorism at the hands of sex panther for ladies perfume.

Good Lord....the asphyxiation is almost imminent at each vital breath he takes! Ironically only saved by the miniature rain forest TBP has growing in this cubicle hell...as the poor innocent banzai and bamboo plants, take in just enough carbon dioxide for our hero to live to fight another day....even if they are growing purple-spotted leaves in the process.

check back in next week as we follow our hero's battle against the preying forces of the "come down to my cube and talk about nothing" US Government work force.

Free at last

This is the only business model that makes sense in today's market.

Murdoch gets it.

They can easily be one of the web's most highly-trafficked news properties with smart indexing, links from Drudge and fully open content. Advertisers would fall over themselves trying to reach a multiple of readers from that demogrpahic.

totally smart move.

And maybe Ford should just give its' truck business to Toyota..

In the department of Are you freaking kidding me??

The most amazing thing just happened!


check it out.....you will so never believe it!

I just emailed someone on myspace...and instead of my prose being accompanied by the usual, dependable slutty half-nekked, sexploitation ads that myspace normally slaps on the "tower" banner to my left, I actually got.....

you won't believe this......


That's right!

Not only did I defy the virtual sex-predators of the eyeballs, and NOT get some slutty, partial-porn add pimping skin to me and the millions of pimple-faced, impressionable kids across the US...but I actually got a freaking diaper add!

God, it's ALWAYS a great day to be a "proud parent"!



06 August 2007

Today's Deep Thought

I wish Mike Vick would have been house-sitting for Ving Rhames

good night.