28 July 2007

Immigration; legal = good, illegal = bad

Sent the following email on myspace in response to my illegal immigration blog:

MikeSludge's Comment:

"I just read one of your blogs. For being Christian I can't believe how cold you are to immigrants and the conditions that make them want to come here. Shouldn't it be one world?"

To which I replied….

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Date: Jul 28, 2007 10:10 AM

we are all immigrants to this country....

....and true diversity should be celebrated in the honest, legal, orderly naturalization of its' people.

The key is ILLEGAL immigration kills resources for naturalized citizens. I am anti-illegal immigration...or calling it what it is, the Mexicanization of the border states in the US b/c Mexico is too lazy to fix its' own economic problems.

Which is "colder"? A country that turns its back on its' own people, or one that wants orderly, legal immigration so that the needs of all of its diverse people can be met?

I believe in the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law.

One Body in Christ, not one world nation. The Bible lays both of those out pretty clearly. A "Nation" is never referred to as the Churches goal--Christ said go make disciples of all the Nations.

To which we got the brilliant reply:

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From: MikeSludge

Date: Jul 28, 2007 2:44 PM

I think you're politics are based on irrational fears and prejudice.

Which of course I loved replying to, but am done playing in the intellectual sand box….

I've been all around the world...and love all of its' peoples. Been to 30 countries, and have nothing but love in my heart.

Judging my heart is an awful thing to do.

My politics are based on economics, equal opportunity and the rule of law.

There's no Nation in the history of man that has given, per capita, more than the US. It is the light and land of opportunity. However, if you look at the economic toll that ILLEGAL immigration takes upon the lower socio-economic systems in this country, it is clearly unfair to US citizens--millions of which are of course, Mexican and South American in decent.

So please, don't bring your weak, sound-bite, knee-jerk judgments to me.

You are pretty typical however; you present no basis for your point of view, just call names.

At least do so in public where the discussion can be consumed by the public.



27 July 2007

Blogging lull

I too have been way too busy lately...but I can certainly make the time for one very long run-on sentence-of-an-update:

I have have been living brotherhood, space-launch, wishy.com development, user-control, space exploitation, wishy exec team, financing, my finances, AF/DoD acronym overload, capital brainstorming, praying, thinking, grinding through Satelites, GPS, Bible-study, consulting, wishy, programmers, research & development, meetings, HR, in-processing, auto-radar and of course hating on Vick have all become exhaustingly complicated by conflict with signifcant ones has recently been multiplied by the largess factor of just trying to be all-loving-giving-serving, holding firm on the path of righteousnes in being a father/brother/son/friend/boyfriend/volunteer/athlete.

As Madden would say, "BOOM! like a Mac Truck, he didn't even see it coming!" Yeah, life....I give it to God, and I now don't even see it coming....