11 July 2007

Stealth "Social Shopping" start-up needs hungry/amazing LAMP developer!

The online shopping/commercial space has not evolved with the rapid change in the search/social utility space.

We are here to create revolutionary change in this space.

Wishy.com is a self-funded startup led by visionary & hyper-talented executives and guided/advised by experienced CEO's in the online advertising, click-fraud, Hollywood studio and high-tech spaces. Powerful Hollywood music agency may soon be Board Member as well, at the execution of our strategic partnership (this is a HUGE Gen X&Y demographic play)

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and brilliant developer(s) to join the founding executive team. This is an incredible opportunity for the right entrepreneurial & strategic-minded developer/CTO type to join ground-floor, "pre-money". (Meaning your equity stake will be early enough to be epotentially )

As part of the core engineering team you'll be able to work closely with the founders in a fast paced challenging environment to help shape the technology landscape and culture of the core product. If you enjoy working on high volume platforms, writing clean code, love to follow standards, hate spaghetti code, want to learn about how a startup is built from the ground floor than we want to talk to you!

We are looking for talent, drive, vision and character. We embody the work hard, play hard mantra and hold fast to our corporate value to "be great people. do great things." If this sounds like you....please contact us!

We're mainly a MOD PERL/PHP/Flex shop, but went down the .NET road in the beginning....so if you're sworn to that platform, sell us hard!

all resumes to: jared@wishy.com AND deano@wishy.com and please tell us what your three favorite books are.

Equity Stake & Pay: TBD and DOE


* Work your magic; Take our smooth/stylish designs and finish GUI functionality, finish the programming/architecture for a scalable high-transaction corporate "back-end" database and
* Work closely with executive team to scale / architect platform
* QA platform and functionality
* READ THIS and if you are not deterred, contact us immediately!!


#1 Talent, drive and ATTITUDE. We will hire for personality and integrity!

* B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or Engineering
* Proven ability to develop world class systems
* 3+ years OO PHP4/PHP5
* 3+ years PERL
* 3+ years HTML / JavaScript
* 3+ years SQL
* MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle (stored procedures / clustering / load balancing a plus)
* Linux flavors (Redhat / BSD / CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian)
* Basic fundamentals in (OOP)
* Experience with MVC
* Links to online portfolio of systems built
* Out of the box, creative thinker
* Self-motivated; extreme pride in work
* Team player


* Be part of the Founding Executive Team, after most of the sweat-equity has been poured!
* Equity stake...and possibly your ticket to freedom and a legendary career in the tech world


* C / C++ / Java / Python / CSS / XML / Action Scripting
* Ajax libraries (prototype / moofx / scriptaculous / dojo)
* Open source technologies
* Lighttpd / Apache
* Online advertising experience (Adsense / Doubleclick / Panama)
* Scalability / Redundancy / High volume environments
* System administration skills
* Smarty
* Template toolkit
* Memcache
* Bugzilla / Trac

10 July 2007

Psalm 55

What's up foolio's??

I know it's a long one, but a worthy story to read; please take a minute and read Psalm 55

FYI: The psalms are in the Christian Bible, and Jewish Tanakh ;)

here are my thoughts, just had to share w/ you all:

Psalm 55: talk about being under attack and wanting to flee! This is freaking DAVID! The King that won more battles than anyone! The general commanding troops to take more blood than anyone in the Bible...DAVID wanted to fly away like a bird. He was heartbroken because his friend had turned against him. He was feeling attacked everywhere. In the heart, in the city, and I think we can presume safely....on the battle field. Wow...ever felt that way in life??

Freaking DAVID himself--Fellas, ladies....never forget this. God LOVED David's heart, he loved the passion with which he sought after His heart. He is what scholars call "a man after God's own heart"....and he was honestly PANICKED and HEARTBROKEN in this Psalm.

Take comfort in that my bros, take comfort for if David is allowed to be there, if David--who was ALWAYS in God's palm, was allowed to go through this, and was so vehemently hunted and scorned....then, if was are in God's palm and after His heart...we will be too.

But the good news is, we will also have many victories and be sheltered by God in battle after battle after battle, when we seek His heart and will for our lives first!

awesome reminder! I freaking LOVE DAVID. learning so much from the Psalms....



A Warrior's Journey

He stands in triumph looking down across the vast and expansive valleys lit with dawn's first kiss

The iridescent illumination of undisturbed path along the ridge testifies to his trail-setting march

The journey burnt the lungs of his soul. Consuming the mind with its ambush of fire.

The pain of the ascent debilitating, exploited and concentrated. Inviting the probing tacticians lurking in wait, stalking The Way, seeking to consume his eternal light in hopeless abyss.

Doubting sentinels crushed amber ends of their smokes into the dirt on his grave. Organic. Buried alive, in heart only. Hope crucified. The sinister soil feeding parasitically off of the life of a dream dared to be dreamt.

The doubt assimilated with the soul, traveling in stealth, intravenously.

The siren beckons, coercing the battle to rise. Pursue.

The temptation moved slithering across the path seemingly almost in cadence with his march. As the sky darkened, the liar's voice sought to marginalize the journey, pleading for a settlement. An accord shy of the heart's summit.

Lies hammer the armor, storm after storm, causing the soul to stir with vengeful aggression

The woman seductively beckons his heart just to the edge of the path ahead

The sword had to drawn, unsheathed as insolence feeds a holy fire. It is a time to relish the brutal, unflinching cold execution. Put to death are wretched demons of opposition. Cold steel lumbered through contorted flesh.

And he kneels, laboring again over the blood enveloping the liar's ground. The soul of the warrior is in communion with the one who always will be. Sanctification. Kneeling prayer. Exaltation.

The sun races, plummeting westward, as he is ushered with a youthful vigor by the spirit of David, King of Israel, late afternoon rays lighting the path at his feet.

She emerges from his side along the ridge, having caressed his shoulder, and made light his soles. Her succulent kiss awakens.

The sword is emphatically plunged into the earth, as the sun sets behind the imposing range of great mountains--battle peaks and rumbling valleys--of the future that lie ahead.

Jared L. Still 26 May 2007

08 July 2007

I'm 3 for 7

Some authority named the new seven wonders of the world yesterday. Yes, there was regrettably yet another seven on the "luckiest day ever".

I digress...the wonders (who actually gets to be the authority on such things, and why wasn't I consulted? Or at least given the chance to text my answer eleventy billion times to Ryan Sechrist) are fantastic choices, and I have seen three of them.

The Colosseum in Rome

Petra, Jordan

The Taj Mahal

Three down, four to go.

private jets for climate change

John Buckley of Carbon Footprint, an organization that helps companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, said Saturday that Live Earth will produce about 74,500 tons of the gas.

"We would have to plant 100,000 trees to offset the effect of Live Earth," he said, speaking by telephone.


buy a 100% recycled t-shirt, feel good about yourself.

ban volcanoes, eliminate 110 million tons of CO2 per year....now that's a concert I'd love to see!

Ban Gore's jet! Ban Mt. Saint Helens!