10 July 2007

Psalm 55

What's up foolio's??

I know it's a long one, but a worthy story to read; please take a minute and read Psalm 55

FYI: The psalms are in the Christian Bible, and Jewish Tanakh ;)

here are my thoughts, just had to share w/ you all:

Psalm 55: talk about being under attack and wanting to flee! This is freaking DAVID! The King that won more battles than anyone! The general commanding troops to take more blood than anyone in the Bible...DAVID wanted to fly away like a bird. He was heartbroken because his friend had turned against him. He was feeling attacked everywhere. In the heart, in the city, and I think we can presume safely....on the battle field. Wow...ever felt that way in life??

Freaking DAVID himself--Fellas, ladies....never forget this. God LOVED David's heart, he loved the passion with which he sought after His heart. He is what scholars call "a man after God's own heart"....and he was honestly PANICKED and HEARTBROKEN in this Psalm.

Take comfort in that my bros, take comfort for if David is allowed to be there, if David--who was ALWAYS in God's palm, was allowed to go through this, and was so vehemently hunted and scorned....then, if was are in God's palm and after His heart...we will be too.

But the good news is, we will also have many victories and be sheltered by God in battle after battle after battle, when we seek His heart and will for our lives first!

awesome reminder! I freaking LOVE DAVID. learning so much from the Psalms....