12 October 2007

I'm causing myspace drama!

YOU. Stupid Denver Donkeys!

YOU SUCK! And Mikey Shanny...I am tired of your stupid face! just LEAVE!

(but I'm not quite deleting you)

I'm talking to YOU, you stupid Denver Broncos Alias!

(and I'm not quite dropping you from my top-friends...dropping you to the bottom so people know how MAD I AM AT YOU!)

Trust me Denver, this hurts me more than it hurts you.

We go back 30 years...30 freaking years!

And this is all you can give me?

I drove to the "whale's vagina", I mean, San Diego to see you SMACK THE PACK!

My parents left me home to see Craig Morton diarrhea all over the field and himself in New Orleans.

I cried against the Giants.

I cried for 3 quarters against Dougie and the Skins

I cut off my ear AND MAILED IT TO YOU after the Niner's

Then I cried, cried, and cried with joy against the Pack & Falcons.



Nice run defense F'ers!

The guys with the ball, running between the tackles, are RUNNING BACKS...NOT BOMB-VEST-STRAPPED PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS!

You CAN, and in fact MUST tackle them! Hit them! HIT SOMEBODY!

When the little man kicks the football to you, run forward, without falling down...and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, if you drop that f'ing ball again, YOU WILL see the afore-mentioned terrorists, bombing your stupid stadium....I mean COUNTRY CLUB AT MILE HIGH!


League's leading rusher? AND YOU'RE 2-3?!

Solid 2nd year QB? (who might just need to keep his clothes on at private golf courses & stop throwing INT's) AND YOU'RE 2-3?!


Simeon Rice?
Champ Bailey?
DJ Williams?
Dre Bly?

AND YOU'RE 2-3?!

Daniel Graham?
Coach Jim Bates?
Tim Crowder, Marcus Thomas & Jarvis Moss & crazy, little Dumerville?

AND YOU'RE 2-3?!


But I'll always love. Remember Whitney Houston? Before all the crank & abuse? Yeah, "Bodyguard" type of I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

Oh my gosh...just so emotional right now! Go...go away forever! Get out of my sight.


We can make things like they used to be!

It's bad...but we can make it work.



you only love the way that I love you...

NO WAIT! I didn't mean that....I'm so sorry....



(tears. pulling out my own hair)


(more tears, doing weird break-dancing type of conniption fit on the floor crying)


(arms wide-open, begging you, the real you to come back)


(heavy, deep, crushing, moaning, weeps of sorrow)


JUST FREAKING WIN. (choking on my own tear-filled vomit)


13 September 2007

the great banking panic of...1907 or 2007??

THis was great perspective...

"To understand fully the crash and panic of 1907, one must consider its context.

A Republican moralist was in the White House.

War was fresh in mind.

Immigration was fueling dramatic changes in society.

New technologies were changing people's everyday lives.

Business consolidators and their Wall Street advisers were creating large, new combinations through mergers and acquisitions, while the government was investigating and prosecuting prominent executives -- led by an aggressive young prosecutor from New York.

The public's attitude toward business leaders, fueled by a muckraking press, was largely negative.

The government itself was becoming increasingly interventionist in society and, in some ways, more intrusive in individual life.

Much of this was stimulated by a postwar economic expansion that, with brief interruptions, had lasted about 50 years.

Bring, then, a sense of irony informed by the present to an understanding of 1907."

11 September 2007

Open Letter of Congratulations!

Congrats to Georgia and Auburn!!

Your "powerhouse SEC programs" have now joined Michigan and Notre Dame in the pile of college football crap known as, "your season is now over. Thanks for being over-rated. See you next in 2010. Maybe."

(For the record, my beloved Arizona Wildcats have been there since John Mackovic got there in 2001. We are the ONLY team in the PAC-10 NOT to got the Rose Bowl. Only. Ever. Never.)

Congrats to "the ole ball coach" at Souffff Carolina on the big win in Athens. Love Spurrier...so glad he's beating people in the SEC. I can't wait for the "you can't spell Citrus without UT" blast. I love Urban Meyer--always have--and he's going to win a few championships at Florida, but Spurrier is a beauty. Nothing would be better than this guy just running through the SEC again--especially Alabama...I bet the OBC has some great one-liners locked & loaded for Nicky Saban. Can't wait....

If you all can't handle K-State, South Florida and South Carolina, it is going to be a nightmare against LSU and Florida. Might have to invoke the Little League mercy rule...wow. Good luck.

Speaking of good luck, yeah Arizona, you looked really freaking tough against my squad from NAU. Sure you dominated on the offensive and defensive lines, and executed your downfield passing-game to a T...but it was, let me remind you, against NAU!. All we've learned is that you might give Montana or Portland State, in NAU's BigSky conference, a good game...

Good luck winning a game against anyone outside of Palo Alto in the PAC-10 this year. Conference is the best & toughest it's ever been, 1 through 8. Arizona should win one. Stanford none.

That's all folks. Talk to you from Savannah, GA in 2010!

for those of you who have been woken up by mortar fire

...these might be your favorite clips ever.

I have a time or two....And these are :)

ps, not for the faint of heart--more for my military buddies...


Insurgents suck II

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Insurgents suck I

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08 September 2007

Tremendous Victory for the 1st Amendment

I have no idea how we got to where we are, when the 1st Amendment of the Constitution reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

establishment does not equal existence.

reading the establishment clause does not exclude from reading the protection clause into law as well.

It's about freaking time we have some judges with the balls to repeal that garbage ACLU agenda of the 1st Amendment.

Next, Pastors in the military need to be protected to speak their Faiths.


A Victory for Religious Freedom

Religious schools should not have to fight legal battles with the government over their right to operate without state accreditation. Texans won that right last week.

The Texas Supreme Court reversed lower court decisions late last week and ruled that state restrictions on what unaccredited religious institutions can call themselves and their education training violate the First Amendment.

The 8-0 ruling overturns two lower-court opinions and a Texas law that gave the state power over seminaries and their training of pastors and religious leaders for the ministry. The court ruled that banning an institution like the Tyndale Theological Seminary in Fort Worth from using the term "seminary" in its name violates the Constitution.

No state government is in a position to regulate how pastors and other church leaders are trained. So, this decision represents a significant victory, not only in Texas but nationwide.

Three religious organizations waged the legal fight. Tyndale, one of the schools, was cited in 1998 for violating a law that requires seminaries to be accredited and prevents unaccredited institutions from awarding degrees. It was fined $173,000 by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Southern Bible Institute in Dallas and the Hispanic Bible Institute in San Antonio joined in the suit seeking to overturn the fines and the law.

Although the intention of the law was to crack down on degree mills that issue certificates but require little or no coursework, the effect was much broader.

05 September 2007

you ever wonder where some writers get their ideas?


this is very Basic Instanctesqe

like my buddy Dave always said, "you can't cure crazy."

04 September 2007

As a self-declared sports writer, I bring you the NFL Preview

Denver goes 19-0, outscoring opponents 565 to (-) 23. Beating New Orleans 38-35 in an unexpected classic. (they had held opponents to (-) 58 before the SuperBowl)

Champ, Dre By and Simeon Rice on a D scripted by Jim Bates?

Forget about it...

Travis Henry, motivated by his 9 child support payments to 9 different women, running the rock?

Forget about it....

Oh, and J Walker wants the fans of the other 31 also-rans to shut it...

ps, real NFL predictions coming later :)


Space: The next 50 years

This is an excellent and interesting read


the coolest thing I've ever seen in college football

I missed this. And seeing as how kick-off was after 10pm Eastern Time, I imagine much of the country missed this story too. I heard about it at lunch on am 710, and was immediately choked-up.

I love Pete Carroll even more today than ever...and I didn't even think that was possible :)


"Something special happened Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; something that carried more weight than USC's 38-10 victory over the Idaho Vandals. After holding the Vandals to a punt in the opening drive of the game, the Trojans set in motion a ten play, 80-yard drive that was capped off by 3-yard touchdown run by sophomore Stafon Johnson. It was the first touchdown of the season and the coliseum roared with applause. The first of a long line of touchdowns that, many hope, will culminate in a national championship for the USC Trojans.

But it wasn't the first touchdown that will resonate in the minds' of those in attendance. It wasn't Booty or Stafon Johnson or any other Trojan who played at the coliseum that September 1st...but rather who was missing from the roster that will be remembered. Immediately following the touchdown, everything seemed normal. The Trojan extra-point unit ran out, taking the usual formation on the field. But something was missing -or rather somebody.

There was no kicker to be found.

At first, every person in the stands was hollering about such an obvious mistake. Then, one by one, they started to quiet as everybody realized what was taking place. The statement the team was trying to make was slowly sinking in. And in moments the coliseum fell completely silent.

The referees were finally forced to throw their flags, charging the Trojans with delay of game and a 5-yard penalty.

USC kicker Mario Danelo died tragically on January 6th, 2007. The players had asked coach Carroll if it would be okay to leave the first kick for him. It was a kick that everyone felt rightfully belonged to Danelo; a kick, however, that could never be taken. But it was in this simple moment of silence that the USC Trojans found the perfect way for Mario Danelo to enter the coliseum, and take a bow for the Trojans for one final time.

first the waffle, then chocolate & now Belgium brings the world the greatest lawsuit ever...

Scientology is labeled a criminal organization after a 10-year investigation.

Wow. And you thought Tom Cruise was crazy before...watch-out Katie, Maverick's gonna go ballistic!

my favorite story of the subprime meltdown

I love when arrogance gets turned on its head

haha. wow.


02 September 2007

India Mission Trip Recap (posted after Feb trip)

First, I have to apologize for such a belated post-India letter and blog.

The experience was one of the most amazing of my life..I should have constructed this letter immediately upon our return from the side of the planet, but turns out that that return..when night felt like day, when day felt like night, was when all of my world felt upside-down and when I literally couldn't stay awake but yet with all that was going on in my life, I could not sleep either.

Long story, short..I was back from India a few weeks before I have actually felt like "I'm back". The good news is, Jared is back..the bad news is, it's the beginning of March and all of you are going to give this letter the cursory once-over as you rush back to the conference room to catch the rest of the Arizona vs. Purdue game, and then back to refresh your browser to update your tourney challenge scores. Well, jerkos..come back and read this next Monday..

So, in the midst of being in one of the toughest seasons of my life, I got this not-so-subtle-nudge from God to go serve on a mission trip. Bring out the A-game in my faith. I wasn't so sure. He said I want you to go on the India trip. I tried to bargain for Egypt or something exotic like Brazil. He said, "No. India." All right, fine. I'm going. Great idea God. I'll just leave this job..oh wait, I don't have one. I'll just leave this funded start-up..oh wait, it's not funded. I'll just take the time away from my daughters, my girlfriend, my brothers (we don't even need to go into that) my Mom..yeah, great idea God. India? Why, because I'm friends with an Indian? Is it too late to re-think that Arthur friendship??

Ok, so fast-forward to just before leaving and I haven't raised even close to enough money for the trip. I am dead broke, I have no job and Wishy.com is not funded..I don't need to go to India! Not to mention, I am in the worst emotional, physical and spiritual place in my life..why would I go and be the resident cancer on a mission team?

The night we left my Dad and Mary prayed for me over the phone..much like they did before I left for Iraq. It was at that time that I knew I would be ok, and this was going to be good. The power of prayer people. So real. So powerful.

I started to view the mission part of this mission trip in a perspective that made sense to me; as I was embarking on a military mission. It was time to serve this mission first, team second and put self last. It's just the way these things have to go in my mind. Nothing sucks when you put yourself last. Something I learned in hell week, combat survival training, SERE, boot camp and 179 days in Iraq. Nothing sucks.

So, fast-forward to 2/3 through our first flight (let me just thank our "travel agent" for such awesome arrangements; fly east through Munich, Dehli and Patna, instead of LAX to Dehli direct. Boy that rules! On the way back can we connect in Chicago in a snowstorm, too??). Anyways, so Heidi gets deathly ill on the flight to Munich and at first, Arthur was going to try to run her to the hospital, or stay with her in Munich and we were all going to go on. That's the point at which military red flags went up, and we decided that Arthur, being our leader, should go with the group and I offered to stay with Heidi. I've traveled a ton and still sprechen eine kleine bichen Deutsche, so...it made sense.

Knowing that Verizon was not that global (CDMA?) network, I grabbed Grant's phone at the last minute as we were rushed off the back of the plane upon landing. I got Heidi's Mom's phone number, tried unsuccessfully to get a charger (thinking ahead like Inspector Gadget)..and we were unceremoniously rushed into the ambulance and taken to a hospital in a small town in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night (about 30 clicks from Munich).

A few hours and two IV bags later, we were stuck in a German hospital in the middle of the night..the wrong direction from Munich. We had the most amazingly wonderful people helping us in the hospital, and my German, while rusty, was definitely useful. The nurse helped us find a hotel and drove us there when her shift was over. Amazing (we're returning the favor when she and her family came visit the US this summer).

At this time we realize that Heidi had lost her pouch with all of her money and credit cards, and neither of us had any luggage.

So..we didn't make it out of Munich the next day, and after having the Lufthansa agents check Dehli flights from Rome, Zurich, Fankfurt, Paris and London we were starting to wonder if we would ever get out of Munich and to India. We did get on a flight the following day and arrived in Dehli with no tickets to Patna (final destination..they were with Arthur), no luggage, no phone (it died), no patience and we were all-to-white to get a fair shake in Dehli.

If that doesn't make sense, just think; white/US = money & naïve. We got screwed and harassed over and over by security and Indian Air. We finally had to pay out-of-pocket for business class (imagine that; coach was sold out when we got to the counter. weird) to Patna. I was pissed, exhausted, sweating through the drawers I had been wearing for God-knows-how-many-days..and oh yeah, still no phone, money or energy.

Now, I must highlight the upside of the Germany excursion too. While there was nothing more we wanted than to be with our group and on our mission, God totally blessed the time for both of us. I couldn't sleep and so was left with some serious quiet time to pray..and pray I did. Again, I was in a total hole in life, and I couldn't see or feel God in my life. See Psalms 13 and 116. That's where I was. It was much needed prayer time and I read through I and II Samuel (David's life). I got to meet the US Women's ski-jump team at breakfast one morning in the hotel and had a pretty cool chat with their coach. It was at that time that I realized that my job (being in Germany with Heidi) wasn't that tough..he had to baby-sit 8 freaking women! I only had to take care of one! ? Heidi and I basically got to know each other's life-stories too. It was awesome. Talked relationships, life, the military (she's now engaged to freaking stud F-18 pilot! Yay Heidi!). It was cool.

Anyways, so headed to Patna, Bihar..we were headed into the city with one of the highest kidnapping/ransom rates in the world, a place where nothing moves without bribe, as two white Americans with no idea whether or not anyone would be there to pick us up. Again, awesome.

Seriously, by small miracle, Arthur and the great Panaraj were there to pick us up, having just learned 15 minutes before we landed that we were due in. It was awesome to finally be united with our group.

Man, one of the most beautiful impressions I have from the whole experience was the next morning when everyone was coming into the dining area for breakfast, and in spite of the rustic conditions, jet lag, fatigue and drama, each and everyone of the team members was glowing..just radiant with love and joy..totally the Holy Spirit. I knew right then that really cool things were happening.

So, a little background about where we were. It is called the graveyard of missions. It's predominantly Hindu and Muslim..and pretty militantly so. Christianity isn't exactly welcome.

- There are 90 million people (roughly 1/3 the US population) in a State the size of Iowa
- The literacy rate ranges from 10% rurally to 40% urban.
- The per capita income is $37. Thirty-seven freaking dollars!
- There are 14 murders per day.
- 1 kidnapping every 4 hours
- 3 rapes per day
- Thousands of victims of dowry murders, and countless hundreds of thousands victims of dowry torturing

The place is sick and absolutely hopeless. I honestly can say that Bihar, and other places we traveled in India (on the way to Agra) make Fallujah, Ba'Quba and Baghdad look like Southern California. It is that level of absolute squalor and hopelessness there.

Well, hopeless to all but those that have heard the Gospel of Christ. This is what will forever impact my life. The absolute joy and peace and certainty of love that these Christians had there. And people, they didn't enjoy life in Southern California and the freedom of worship and assembly that we take for granted. This JOY, this literal TRUTH was in the hearts in the face of total evil. In the face of the beatings that they had taken for their faith. In the face of being ostracized from their families..the very family structure that represents all foundation in rural India.

Oh my God, my friends..I can't even find the text to explain the real and truthful joy in our friends hearts. It was just so humbling. And faith confirming. Beautiful, monumental, seismic in its' awesomeness, rawness and disarming power. In the absence of so much, they have found everything they need. In the midst of all of the corruption of man, they have found the path to seeing the beauty in your fellow man and woman.

And wow..the Old Testament level of miracles being worked there. It's just so freaking powerful.

One man was his village mute. Nobody had ever heard him speak a word in his life. He was untouchable. Literally the village idiot..until he was saved by Christ, now he will be leading..and speaking to..his Church in his village. Now if that isn't the power to share about our mighty God, I don't know what is! He spoke to tell us this story a short few months after the first time anyone had ever heard him speak.

Another man was a cold-blooded assassin (no really..killed people for money) until he heard about the grace and forgiveness of Jesus. He learned what forgiveness truly was. And for that, he was summarily rejected by his family and his father 'kept' his wife and children because he refused to renounce his faith. As time passed, his father came to see the joy in the face of his once-murdering-son, and has come along with the rest of the family to accept Christ. Simply incredible.

The stories could go on and on..

Funniest thing..or maybe I should say coolest thing..to me was that they were BLOWN AWAY that we painted their classroom. Jeremy, (my cousin) and I have painted probably 7 or 8 rooms between or 3 condos since I've live in LA..it's just something I'm used to and take seriously. When I've got that brush, I want to do a good job. So did Heidi, Brooke, Mona, Grant and Mandy. And the Indian's were floored by that. That us "big, important, rich, powerful" Americans would travel across the world and do such lowly work. And have fun doing it!?! We could pay someone much lower in class than the students themselves to paint the classroom, but we would do it ourselves?!? They say that they learned through that that no work is too low of work, when done with a serving heart and for God's glory.

India was the 30th country that I've been to, so I've long since known and understood the blessings we enjoy here in the US. But this experience was something entirely different, it was a conviction about the amount and extent of joy that I need to keep in my heart, throughout my life. Throughout all circumstances. I simply am far too blessed in this life. Beyond any rationale explanation, for me to ever, ever again lose joy in my life. I have it all. The coinciding of this conviction, peace and rebuilding of joy in my life was no coincidence..it was completely designed to come along as the lifeline in my heart. I am certain of that. I am certain I had to have this time with other believers, going through absolutely crazy trials and attacks. It was the real war-type-of-fire that I needed for my soul. You just never know how alive you are until you've been a) In love and b) in war. Having been through and enthralled in both, I can tell you..we were ALIVE on this trip. Wow..

While we were gone, my car was broken into, and $1,000-plus damage done and even more goods stolen. Mona had hundreds of dollars worth of possessions stolen from her suitcase. Heidi's sickness is totally unexplainable. Our luggage, tickets, phone, money, harassment and feeling of helplessness and exploitations in Dehli..and then of course, the nightmare 48 hours of travel back to Los Angeles just to finish us off. It was freaking crazy. We had been up for 60 hours (minus the crappy, pain-filled, blood-clot-inducing, quasi-sleep on the plane). I got 7 hours of sleep combined in the 2 days BEFORE the 60 hour excursion. I seriously am still tired.

And every single bit of it was worth it. It was incredible and a total honor.

I will for the rest of my life be contributing in financial and professional ways to the BORN (Bihar Outreach Network) Church and their Evangelical mission. It is just so amazing and so awesome.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to go on this journey. And as is always true in the beautiful dichotomy of service..I definitely received far more than I could ever have given. Those of you that helped in prayer..it was completely needed. Those of you that helped financially..it was also completely needed, and I am grateful and humbled. Thank you.

And to Arthur..rock on bro. You did a great job! Don't talk to me for another 3 years. :)

And to Saitan-Singh, Panny, Mona, Brooke, Suzie-Simosa, Mandy, and Heidi..I love each of your hearts greatly. Thank you for being a part of rebuilding my heart while I was gone. I cannot wait to serve with you all again.

And Brooke and Taylor..thanks for missing me so much. Love you :)


The J-Dam

my photos :)


30 August 2007

NOW....Jared has a candidate in the race...



see, sometimes people just lie for attention...


Kid puts up a video in which he (allegedly) goes 140mph in a Ford ESCORT??

that is not a typo...that says ESCORT. Not Ford GT. Nor Mustang (which btw, being so damn boxy would have a tough time getting to 140 itself). Escort.

Now, I've gone 140mph before (what is my Constitutional right against self-incrimination, again?). On the way from Flagstaff to Vegas, wide-open road in a new Vette. 145 actually. Scariest thing ever...and the corvette is PLANTED on the ground. It's not some freaking toaster-mobile like Crissy's car....it's vehicular gold, baby. And 140 was terrifying.

No way this kid got an Escort goin' 140mph. Maybe KILOMETERS...not miles.

You can't believe everything those wily Britt's say


I'm drunk. you drive.

Smart...unless you GIVE THE KEYS TO YOUR 5 YEAR OLD!!

Shocker that this happened in Indiana...where in their collective genius, they can't even decide on a single time-zone....

Hitler's waiting in hell for you.

Mike Vick said he'll see you in prison.

damn it! the WMD's were right under our nose the whole time!

This is odd on so many levels. Diplomatic reasons and rationale for actually storing chemical weapons at the UN totally escape me. Why not the arsenal in Alabama where all of our stock-piles are held? Or some other insignificant Southern state?

By the way, having supported the US Dept of Energy with the contract support for the extraction of nuclear waste from Tuwaitha, South of Baghdad (formerly classified, when I worked on the program), I can assure you; there was a ton of bad stuff in Iraq. You are naive, ignorant or too married to your political paradigm if you believe otherwise. It may not have been the best marketing/sound-bite choice to make the case to the American people that the war was so much of WMD's, but I personally feel the story of Iraq's weapons program is still, yet incomplete. There's far too much publicly available info regarding the sat photos and logistics trails of convoys moving from suspected weapons sites, West to Syria in early 2003, for me to believe that Saddam's regime got rid of the weapons programs and ambitions in three years.

I may go into much further nuanced hypothesis and thoughts on the war, the time leading up to war and the post-victory occupation when time and energy affords. I was totally and completely burnt-out on the topic when I first moved out here in Feb of 2005, as it had only been months since I got back--and I hated the rhetoric and close-minded propaganda that was constantly spewed about the war--always, ironically, by people that had spent the war mostly in Starbucks, production companies, Hollywood clubs, Vegas and the classroom. It seems to mean so little to most people that I was actually there; serving at the seat of power/media/military operations at the CPA in the Palace...but the only thing that mattered was whether I "was for or against the war".

You know what? It's complicated. But I am for total intellectual honesty. And I am against stupidity. So take your Sean Hannity and Terry McCullough sound-bites and shove them up your collective asses.

Whoa. Long overdue, micro-vent.

thank you for listening :)


29 August 2007

You need to get rid of your SUV's!

American's should get rid of their SUV's

Unless of course, you need your 15mpg Cadi' on your campaign for President.

Typical liberal hypocrisy

One Rich Bitch

90,000 homeless on the streets of Los Angeles last night, including 15,000 children....and THIS BITCH gets 12 Million dollars??


smoke 'em if you got 'em

The Tobacco industry's poster-child turns 100.

wow. She's like a mix between the Marlboro man and the old lady from Stephen King's "The Stand".


27 August 2007

On the Front Lines of Faith, 2007



This year, and reaching back by extension to much of last year, has been the most difficult, challenging, fulfilling, testing, inspiring, heart-breaking and invigorating of my entire life. It has been one of the years where those further detached from me feel I’ve been through hell and am not “happy”, being beat up by circumstances and trial. That’s somewhat true (anyone that laughs as much as I do, does *not* have a happiness deficiency). However, it has also been one of those years that those closest to my life—my small group, Deano, Pastor Keenan and few others as God brought us in & out of each other’s lives and dialogue—have also seen incredible emotional highs, not in reaction to circumstances, but in celebration of God’s strength, redeeming power, faithfulness and powerful grace. This has also been true.

So, where to begin? Let me turn to the lifeblood of the little understanding I’m granted within this hyper-curious intellect of mine: Scripture.

Matthew 6: 33-34

33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Mark 1: 11-13

11 And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased." 12 At once the Spirit sent him out into the desert, 13 and he was in the desert forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him.

These two scriptures I believe to be offer an incredible framework for understanding my recent walk with Christ, as well as providing a model for a bit of analysis, for the sake of continual growth. I will explain further in parts two and three.

But, for PART ONE, first we are going to consider 1 Samuel 16 through 2 Samuel 5

36 chapters in the Bible, covering twenty-some years. David was the youngest son of Jesse when called from the fields and anointed to be King of Israel by Samuel. (I don’t know how young, but given that he was yet pretty small when he kicked Goliath’s arse, I think we can presume he was no older than 10, 12 at the most.)

So, why are these chapters important?

Well, first of all, David is said to be a man after God’s own heart. God clearly does bestow favor upon those that seek Him in the manner that we were created (in His image). David got it. We men should try to get David. We NEED to try to be like David

To me the chapters hold incredible importance because they detail the journey of into King for David. It cannot be over-emphasized; THE JOURNEY into Kingship. “David was 30 years old, he reigned for 40 years and he did so in the following locations. Yada, yada, yada.”

Wow. And there in 2 Samuel 5: 4 you have the boldest declaration by our Lord of how deeply He values the process in life. The Journey! 36 chapters detailing a life of battles, trial, torment, victory, struggle, fleeing, lamentations and praises of David before ever becoming King. Then 2 Samuel closes with another 19 Chapters detailing the glory, fall, sorrow and praise of David as King, but the heavy-hitting truth to me was that so much weight was cast upon the journey into Kingship of a boy that had been anointed decades earlier!

(This is perfectly captured by New Life Church associate pastor Rob Brendle in “In the Meantime”, available on Amazon Rob's Book Here)

Whoa. I don’t know about you guys, but I was never pulled from the field and anointed with oils by Ronald Reagan, nor George Bush 41 for that matter; yet I have felt—I do feel—a calling, a purpose, a grandiose mission in life, which was due to unfold.

All of us men do.

It is authored there by the Holy Spirit and it stirs inside of us when we dare dream those things that a life of “the normalization of assimilation” has stripped away from our unique dreams, desires and callings that are scripted to be perfectly refined by our Lord, using our blessings and talents for His glory.

That’s a long, run-on sentence way of acknowledging that we are not the sole authors of our dreams. And that our dreams and the intrinsic adventure and required belief-in-self are REPRESSED by the social constructs (the world) in which we conform to, when we’re not “seeking first, the Kingdom of God”.

Yet, even after reading Rob’s book, I would still let impatience (inherently distrust of God’s will in my life) take over as I just.could.not.sit.still.and.wait.

How God? How am I best to wait on your timing? I just feel so convicted and strangely, strengthened by this example of David’s life.

I mean seriously, just how short-sighted and weak is it of me to feel so restless and lost in my own life’s desert, when compared to what David went through?

“God, here I am! With all the food I can eat, so that I’ve actually gained weight. I’m living by the beach in Santa Monica…statistically-speaking I am among the wealthiest, healthiest and safest 1% of people to ever walk this earth…whoa-is-me, God….boo-hoo…I am Jared, and I am broke and a not-so-starving entrepreneur…and here I am, here I am, God, where are you??”

Yeah, ridiculous.

Now, there’s no doubt that the amount of spiritual torment and emotional trial I have been through in this past year has been real. And it has been real hard. But I, like so many of us, need a freaking reality check sometimes, and for me, I found that in David.

Hurting. Lost. Failing with the company? In despair. Sinful. Tired. Exhausted. Broke (as if I had forgotten the level of impoverishment in India I saw in Feb). In debt (as if worrying about it all was doing any good anyways), and under attack.”

Yeah, in reflection, I’m reminded of how relative life and relationships just really are. Whereas, my relative pain, struggle and turmoil was big-time to me, I will always count myself among the most blessed people on the planet.

But what I felt I was going through was my own Psalm 55. And it was new. Raw. Rough. I’ve been through a combat deployment and have been through divorce. And you know what, I would have traded being under fire throughout my tour in Iraq, traveling the roads in our “soft” SUV’s for parts of this year, in a heartbeat. This year was that tough.

To me, war is the natural romantic, intrinsically male “battle to fight” that we all search for (well, at least those of us who have not been overly pussified by “sensitive Christian man” movement. You must first be a MAN after God’s own heart, before attaining true sensitivity and righteousness. Trying to be a woman just makes you a pussy.) Sorry for the language and the divergence. Let’s get back to David….

If David was a bit more Jared, we would have had Psalms that sounded more like:

“Really Lord? Freaking REALLY?? Do ye not the oil on the forehead, remembereth?”

“Lord I didn’t tell you I wanted to be King of Israel, you pulled me out of the fields and said, ‘Yep. He’s the one. Bam! Oil. Head.’ Rememberth ye, O Lord?”

“Lord, my God, savior of my soul, if your anointing leadeth one to live and hide in caves, chased to be killed like a wild dog, I would hate to fall out of your favor! Jeesh….”

“O Lord, just HOW busy are you up there that you seem to have lost track of YOUR OWN plan for my life?”

“Remembereth, ye O Lord?? Field. Oil. Head. Fighting big guys, slaying dirty Philistines….and now this?? I just pretended to be FREAKING PSYCHO to save my life! And oh yeah, still wandering around in ENEMY LAND!”

But thankfully, David was not so Jared-like, and its David’s warrior-of-a-life, that Jared now completely looks to live into.

So, I look to the actual construct of the books of Samuel to a clue into God’s desire for my own life; 36 chapters devoted to a 20-year process of becoming King, one verse about actually arriving at King, and then another 19 chapters about the process of being King.

This year has been the most purposeful in my life, as I have had each and every “strength” I counted my own, broken down completely and built back up by faith alone. No. Honestly. I used to think that some of the things I heard from Ted Haggard, Mark Brewer, Rob Brendle and others, were just too “Christianese” to resonate…that it was hyperbole of the faith and I couldn’t quite grasp. Now I get it. Honestly my friends, if you want to truly know what it is like to be humbled—just ask. God will lovingly, but brutally and systematically break down every construct of strength that you have pridefully erected in reaction to the world’s pressure on you. And it won’t feel so great….but it will be the best process of your life. The model can be seen in our own physiology too; just think about what lifting weights is to your body—the process of tearing, literally tearing down muscle, to refine it and build it back up, strengthened and with rest, invigorated in serving its unique purpose on your body (such as the delts and tris for breaking my stupid phone.)

Cool. I get it. God values the journey!

…now Dear God, please strengthen me in actually LIVING INTO that truth for my own life. Patience in your perfect timing. Celebration and praise in the perfect refinement (no matter how hard core) you must exact in my life…and thank you God for letting me come to you, letting me walk with the mighty sword and hand of your Son Jesus...and for picking me and the sword up when I go through life falling all over myself. May I one day grow into the armor befitting of the righteous King David! Amen!

25 August 2007

well, if you're going to get a speeding ticket....

It might as well be for REALLY SPEEDING

24 August 2007

maybe he can unlock my car too?

This kid's briliant...although I want to wait for the all-software solution.

I was amazed that in the DCMA just passed by Congress that unlocking a phone was not illegal. That's phenomenal...wonder how long that will last?

I always thought the "unlocked" iPhone desires of Fred Wilson were just, shall we say a bit "moral libertarian"

Mark Cuban is not my myspace friend

Marky-mark....I watched your little reality t.v. show; you're boring. (kidding ;) )

ps, I agree with his premise that the internet is in its' infancy as far as delivery, technology and speed. However, I think we only need to look at the current telecom industry to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that further profit motive will not necessarily lead to comprehensive infrastructure upgrade, allowing for evolutionary or revolutionary advancement.

just my thoughts, marky-mark....

23 August 2007

My favorite story of 2007

This story makes my soul burn with joy on a number of levels!

I have written on numerous occasions, blogged, stated so in documentary film (Shades of Green by the super-talented Dustin) and in PhD interviews, that I love the Iraqi people and feel honored to have served for a sliver of time (177 days--but who was counting?) in such an ancient land--the birthplace of civilization--the land "between two rivers".

This story is like a small piece of eternal pride in my soul. I love the story of brotherhood, heroism, and sacrifice. And most especially, a sacrifice that was unrestrained by nationality, race or ethnic sect.

This story gives me hope in my dream to take my daughters back to Iraq one day as tourists.

This story...freaking rules!


22 August 2007

George Bush is killing another planet!

I'm sure you all that bow at the alter of Global Warming scripture will find a way to blame Bush, Halliburton, SUV's for Climate Change On Mars too

I mean, really?? Temps on Mars have increased at about the same rate as on earth since the 1970's? (uh. after the whole global cooling thing)


No way....it must have been Ronald Reagan and his Star Wars program.

lemmings. go find a cliff.


it's like, myspace, for spooks...

Finally. This is good news.

Honestly, one of the more forward-thinking things I've seen from Government in a long time. Who's running that joint anyway? A bunch of 20 or 30-somethings?

And as cool as that is, I envision this web 2.0 type of spook community as being more useful, as it presents wiki type of intel collaboration. Crafting and sharing may not even be quite as valuable though as the digg/de.lic.ous clone. Good stuff...

Good stuff. It's now one of my lifetime goals to stay OUT of their websites. Cool or not, that's one social networking profile I don't need....

and you thought YOU had a bad night's sleep...

No truth to the rumor that the dogs had escaped from a property owned by Atlanta Falcon's quarterback, Mike Vick

what did your ma tell you about wrastlin' them asian machines??

100 Yen for a broken arm??

No thanks. I'll stick to Pacman...or maybe pick up a cigarette habit or something.


21 August 2007

Umm...how 'bout you stop killing Jews first, then we'll talk

From the enlightened continent that brought us "the war to end all wars", Versailles treaty which stoked the Deutchland Uber Alles! fire, the inevitable rise of the Third Reich in reaction, and then that beauty of a conflict known as "Kill 5.7 million Jews and throw in another 30 million Russian civilians and combatants", we have THIS REQUEST

thanks for thinking of us, big bro! show us the way to civility!


ps, for the record, I am completely pro-life, which means as much I like Old Testament vengeance upon our nations most evil, I just can't fathom leaving life & death decisions in the hands of the O.J. jury and IRS-type bureaucrats....but that's just me

on the coldest August day ever in New York City...

On the coldest August day on record in NYC, I want to remind you that according to begley in Newsweek the number of researchers whose empirical studies find that the world is warming and that human activity is partly responsible numbered in the thousands even then. The IPCC report issued this year, for instance, was written by more than 800 climate researchers and vetted by 2,500 scientists from 130 nations.

"800, and 2,500 — not too shabby. But wait a sec. Begley makes no mention of the 17,000 plus scientists that have signed the petition denying man-caused global warming based on these arguments. Perhaps seventeen-thousand deniers are a bit — Inconvenient? — to her argument. In the one area where she does discuss some of the most recent science that casts doubts about man-caused warming, she dismisses it out of hand.

The idea of a “variable Sun” has remained a constant in the naysayers’ arsenal to this day, even though the tiny increase in solar output over recent decades falls far short of explaining the extent or details of the observed warming.

(I love that paragraph; so indicative of begley's style. Parenthesize something she intends to dismiss or cause doubt about, then label the opposition, AND insert her own quantifying language {tiny, falls far short, etc.}. Really, begley? REALLY? Does it now? Because YOU say so. Thanks. Nice try)

Odd that she didn’t follow up on that one. I’m a lay person, not a scientist, and only a tiny bit of research lead me to the rebuttal of her dismissal (from Canada of all places...) — the changing output of the sun appears to drive climate change with the help of an amplifier, cosmic rays. When the sun cools, more cosmic rays get past the diminished solar wind, penetrating our atmosphere, causing more cloud cover, causing lower temperatures. When solar activity is greatest, the opposite happens. We are near the end of a heightened solar period and those that postulate that the sun is the major driver of climate change have predicted that we will be seeing a cooling cycle over the next few decades."

from the brilliant piece, debunking the drive-by media's junk journalism by Begley at Newsweek, credit: Arthur D. Baker

17 August 2007

greatest band ever. two. greatest videos. ever.

how many times have I looked back over my shoulder at downtown LA?

headed east through the desert.

love taken for granted.

3 brothers walk across my desert road.

....let. this. heart. be. STILL.

for democracy, any many would give his only begotten son.

This man would give all for a republic, (even if for my Iraqi brethren)

16 August 2007

gentlemen, a hot piece of tail can save you from snakes!

Getch'yo mind out the gutter, foo!

I'm talkin' bout some squirrel tail........jeesh.......

No seriously--this is freaking ridiculous and fascinating: (credit Brad DeLong and Marc Andreesen)

It's Californian ground squirrel versus rattlesnake in a potentially lethal showdown. But the squirrel has a secret weapon that until now has remained invisible to the human eye.

The ground squirrel heats up its tail then waves it in the snake's face - a form of harassment that confuses the rattler, which has an infrared sensing organ for detecting small mammals.

This defensive tactic remained invisible to biologists until they looked at the animals through an infrared video camera. Now they believe that many other animals might be using infrared weaponry to ward off potential predators.

Young California ground squirrels (Spermophilus beecheyi) are easy prey for snakes, so protective adults harass the predators while puffing up their tails and wagging them.

Infrared organ
Graduate student Aaron Rundus and his supervisor Donald Owings of the University of California, Davis, wondered how this might affect the snakes’ interaction with the adult squirrels. So he borrowed a $35,000 infrared camera from another scientist and spied on squirrel-snake stand-offs.

He saw the adults’ tails heat up, presumably due to increased blood flow, when they were warning rattlers away – making the squirrel appear larger to the snake’s infrared organ.

Confronted with a gopher snake, which has no infrared sensory organ, the squirrels wagged their tails but didn’t bother to warm them up first.

Tests with robotic squirrels confirmed that a warmed squirrel tail made rattlesnakes more likely to act defensively, say Rundus and Owings.

The squirrels themselves do not see in infrared, so they cannot see another squirrel's tail heating up. But the snakes can, proving that the squirrels have evolved a specific way to deter rattlesnakes.

“It taught us to focus on the perceptual world of the animal we’re studying” rather than thinking only of human perceptions, says Rundus.

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0702599104)

and then my brain broke


How is this even possible?

Even at the sub-atomic level??

HOW?? I demand to know!

Oh...it's the "only violation" of conceivably unbreakable laws of physics; i.e. special relativity. Ok. Cool. (whatever)

No, seriously...how? If even it is sub-atomic, the particle--by definition--has some sort of mass, and I cannot understand how that mass can be propelled at a velocity exceeding light waves.

This is why I was a criminal justice major...and played football

stupid science ;)

Feed him to Mike Vick's dogs...

The Suns should be champs. They were robbed of the chance to compete on a level and fair playing ground.

At least, since this is an inherently American story, we should expect a "contrite" tell-all book by the end of the year.

Ugh. Disgusting.

The US Air Force's Core Values should be mandatory for all, infractions punishable:


15 August 2007

maybe Al Gore will create a HISTORICAL documentary too...

I for one, will lend my astute political and media perspective to ALgore as a consultant on the film.

We will first interview a leading climate change scientist from the 1970's (yeah; global COOLING was the man-made problem just years ago), who may explain why carbon dioxide emissions have been "conclusively scientifically proven" to be a cause of both global warming AND cooling.

Maybe then we'll have some Michael Moore style fun with the NASA climate "experts" who just realized that the 1930's dustbowl was the hottest temperature this last century--NOT 1998!

Must have been all those damn SUV's and power-plants of the 1930's....

"Wait! You say! Why haven't I seen that on the evening news, if it's true??"

Kids, you have to ask yourselves these same questions. Although maybe a bit red-faced, if you ask your parents, they were probably also in the "Corporate America is killing the planet" global cooling brigade of the '70's. Then they were leading the war to save the ozone.

Yeah--remember the ozone layer? I thought we were all supposed to die or melt by now...how is it that the ozone layer has actually repaired itself? Couldn't possibly be our cyclical climate, right?

Kids. Don't drink the Koolaid. Ask tough questions....it doesn't make you compassionate, virtuous NOR informed to be an intellectual lemming.

I digress, back to the film:

Maybe, me and the monotone-monster algore will then go back to Greenland and figure out which one of Halliburton's SUV's is responsible for the ICE GROWTH in Greenland

As with all great Documentary pieces, we need to move people to action!

I will then wake up algore, dress him in some earth tones, call him an alpha male, and try to scare everybody into agreement!

And then when our beloved Hurricane season "proof" fails to materialize, we will tell people that Global Warming is just taking a nap. A siesta. A timeout. A break. A little nappy-poo.......


...and algore and I will laugh all the way to the bank. Suckers.

it like, totally comes in pink & fits in, like, my Channel bag too

I don't know...maybe it's just me....but this is scarier than firearms....because at least most people are too scared to go buy a firearm. This frightens me as a Dad, boyfriend and LA resident. If I were the predatory criminal type, and I came across a target of opportunity, say for instance a gorgeous girl, little girls, convenience store owner, or just an apparent-well-to-do 4Runner-driving white guy, I could drop/incapacitate my victim and not have to use deadly force.

I am a HUGE, strict-constructionist of the 2nd Amendment (well, the rest of the Constitution for that matter)...but this thing, coming to a WALMART near you?!

Now packing 50,000 volts in your purse?!

Please tell me this will lead to new race w/ the Russians!

Comrades....let us go make some babies!

Time to procreate...FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!

14 August 2007

Oh. That's an IOU for $400,00. You might want to keep that one


I don't begrudge anybody the opportunity to throw down some cash on one of the greatest machines in the world....but I hate that *stupid* people can afford this car...

Sucks to be this guy

13 August 2007

My kind of war

It must really suck to be an insurgent these days....first the Predator, then the Predator gets the hellfire:)....and now this?!

Terminators: 1

Insurgents: 0

Freaking Stud (link)

Marc Andreesen is incredible.

Excellent article. Marc's Blog is a must-read.

coffee for the brain

We can always look to Eastern Cultures for enlightenment...

Stayed true to that oh-so-enlightened-Eastern-tradition, of cowardly Kamikazi'ing himself...

Well, at least he didn't create the "commit suicide with Elmo" doll first...

I'm from the Government and I'm here to help...

Most comforting news since the Clinton Dept of Justice brought us this feel-good image of stealing kids:

10 August 2007

Today's sign that the apocalypse is upon us

Pray, pray for this poor lost soul

folks, I have to go. I just can't handle the depth of wretchedness in this act. apocalypse.

Coldplay...I mean that's earthly blasphemy....COLDPLAY!

(ps, I almost laughed at the quote, "they make me wish I didn't understand English". ALMOST)

sex panther for ladies

As those of you that follow me on twitter know, I have been engaged in mortal combat with the black Phyllis here at my classified, undisclosed location

This is not a battle of whit and intellect, as my sneezes are more interesting than my adversaries deepest thoughts...

This is not a battle for refridgerator space, as she has brilliant applied Sun Tzu strategies of mass (there's no freaking room for anything of mine) and surprise (her food seems to molecularly regenerate, thus never leaving any space)

Nor is this a battle for the most insanely ludicrous residence, given location of employment. Sure she lives by a golf course (we looked at it on these new inventions I brought to her attention called "Google Earth" and "Google Maps")...but it's 3 hours away in FREAKING SUN CITY!

No, this battle is an alagory of our times, as our white 30 year-old super hero finds himself fighting the daily oppression and institutionalized bigotry of biological and psychological terrorism at the hands of sex panther for ladies perfume.

Good Lord....the asphyxiation is almost imminent at each vital breath he takes! Ironically only saved by the miniature rain forest TBP has growing in this cubicle hell...as the poor innocent banzai and bamboo plants, take in just enough carbon dioxide for our hero to live to fight another day....even if they are growing purple-spotted leaves in the process.

check back in next week as we follow our hero's battle against the preying forces of the "come down to my cube and talk about nothing" US Government work force.

Free at last

This is the only business model that makes sense in today's market.

Murdoch gets it.

They can easily be one of the web's most highly-trafficked news properties with smart indexing, links from Drudge and fully open content. Advertisers would fall over themselves trying to reach a multiple of readers from that demogrpahic.

totally smart move.

And maybe Ford should just give its' truck business to Toyota..

In the department of Are you freaking kidding me??

The most amazing thing just happened!


check it out.....you will so never believe it!

I just emailed someone on myspace...and instead of my prose being accompanied by the usual, dependable slutty half-nekked, sexploitation ads that myspace normally slaps on the "tower" banner to my left, I actually got.....

you won't believe this......


That's right!

Not only did I defy the virtual sex-predators of the eyeballs, and NOT get some slutty, partial-porn add pimping skin to me and the millions of pimple-faced, impressionable kids across the US...but I actually got a freaking diaper add!

God, it's ALWAYS a great day to be a "proud parent"!



06 August 2007

Today's Deep Thought

I wish Mike Vick would have been house-sitting for Ving Rhames

good night.


31 July 2007

Forecast for Tuesday, 60% chance of roid rage, with evening Achilles tears

I'm going to the Dodgers/Giants game at Chavez ravine (thanks Sam!)...

and I'm going to BOO that big-headed Bonds...I don't care if his head has its own weather system...

I don't care if his head has grown so big, it gets a kids menu at Denny's.

I just want to see him 3-hop throws from the outfield in the first inning, and then get shanked by some esse from Hillside when he pirouettes after hitting home run number 755 or 756.

Long Live Hammerin Hank!

Long Live the Babe!

Yes, I am going to boo!

I might not be allowed to carry some asterisk sign into Dodger Stadium, but I can tattoo a big fat BLUE one on my FACE...and go streaking through the outfield, in hopes that Barry will roid-rage, chase me down, and blow his Achilles before he ever gets a chance to hit 755 or 756.

C'mon Barry! bring your giant freaking head, its weather system, its three zip codes and its 10,000 ft runway and municipal airport....and come and get me you horse-roid FREAK!

I'll be the crazy guy, with the BLUE ASTERISK on my FACE!

29 July 2007

Twitter.com is having "The Best Week Ever"

First, Fred Wilson, blogger of AVC (Venture Capitalist) and partner at Union Square Ventures of NYC invests in twitter.com....then JARED STILL joins their site! Whoooo hooooo!!

I love testing/using/musing about web 2.0 services. I love and embrace (and through Wishy.com, will shape :) ) the new web and its changing service/tool model. I love it .

You guys should join me on twitter. Interesting platform.



Fred's been shilling this site for a few months, but I never really quite got it until I started blogging, I really like how twitter is a mix between texting and blogging It's literally like texting now, with their mobile choice. I twittered from the LA Galaxy/Chivas game last night to check it out.

I know it's I love unilateral communication; ergo blogging, texting and bulletins, so that my thoughts--irreverent or news based--can go (mostly) in one direction at the time and in delivery method of my choosing. This is why I don't pick up my phone too often, because it's usually not a decent time to talk. It is a unique situation when the bi-lateral type of comm works for me. I've got the ringer turned way down usually too.

Anyways....time to run, eat, church. Oasis at 1230, Bel Air at 6; see you all there :)


Only a little truck bomb to change your mind...

I was so mistaken!

Here I thought peace and economic opportunity would show the futility backwardness and hollow lies of Al Quaida...and all it took was a truck bomb!

Aspen? Man...I was way off!


28 July 2007

Immigration; legal = good, illegal = bad

Sent the following email on myspace in response to my illegal immigration blog:

MikeSludge's Comment:

"I just read one of your blogs. For being Christian I can't believe how cold you are to immigrants and the conditions that make them want to come here. Shouldn't it be one world?"

To which I replied….

----------------- Original Message -----------------

Jared 3.0 ©

Date: Jul 28, 2007 10:10 AM

we are all immigrants to this country....

....and true diversity should be celebrated in the honest, legal, orderly naturalization of its' people.

The key is ILLEGAL immigration kills resources for naturalized citizens. I am anti-illegal immigration...or calling it what it is, the Mexicanization of the border states in the US b/c Mexico is too lazy to fix its' own economic problems.

Which is "colder"? A country that turns its back on its' own people, or one that wants orderly, legal immigration so that the needs of all of its diverse people can be met?

I believe in the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law.

One Body in Christ, not one world nation. The Bible lays both of those out pretty clearly. A "Nation" is never referred to as the Churches goal--Christ said go make disciples of all the Nations.

To which we got the brilliant reply:

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: MikeSludge

Date: Jul 28, 2007 2:44 PM

I think you're politics are based on irrational fears and prejudice.

Which of course I loved replying to, but am done playing in the intellectual sand box….

I've been all around the world...and love all of its' peoples. Been to 30 countries, and have nothing but love in my heart.

Judging my heart is an awful thing to do.

My politics are based on economics, equal opportunity and the rule of law.

There's no Nation in the history of man that has given, per capita, more than the US. It is the light and land of opportunity. However, if you look at the economic toll that ILLEGAL immigration takes upon the lower socio-economic systems in this country, it is clearly unfair to US citizens--millions of which are of course, Mexican and South American in decent.

So please, don't bring your weak, sound-bite, knee-jerk judgments to me.

You are pretty typical however; you present no basis for your point of view, just call names.

At least do so in public where the discussion can be consumed by the public.



27 July 2007

Blogging lull

I too have been way too busy lately...but I can certainly make the time for one very long run-on sentence-of-an-update:

I have have been living brotherhood, space-launch, wishy.com development, user-control, space exploitation, wishy exec team, financing, my finances, AF/DoD acronym overload, capital brainstorming, praying, thinking, grinding through Satelites, GPS, Bible-study, consulting, wishy, programmers, research & development, meetings, HR, in-processing, auto-radar and of course hating on Vick have all become exhaustingly complicated by conflict with signifcant ones has recently been multiplied by the largess factor of just trying to be all-loving-giving-serving, holding firm on the path of righteousnes in being a father/brother/son/friend/boyfriend/volunteer/athlete.

As Madden would say, "BOOM! like a Mac Truck, he didn't even see it coming!" Yeah, life....I give it to God, and I now don't even see it coming....

11 July 2007

Stealth "Social Shopping" start-up needs hungry/amazing LAMP developer!

The online shopping/commercial space has not evolved with the rapid change in the search/social utility space.

We are here to create revolutionary change in this space.

Wishy.com is a self-funded startup led by visionary & hyper-talented executives and guided/advised by experienced CEO's in the online advertising, click-fraud, Hollywood studio and high-tech spaces. Powerful Hollywood music agency may soon be Board Member as well, at the execution of our strategic partnership (this is a HUGE Gen X&Y demographic play)

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and brilliant developer(s) to join the founding executive team. This is an incredible opportunity for the right entrepreneurial & strategic-minded developer/CTO type to join ground-floor, "pre-money". (Meaning your equity stake will be early enough to be epotentially )

As part of the core engineering team you'll be able to work closely with the founders in a fast paced challenging environment to help shape the technology landscape and culture of the core product. If you enjoy working on high volume platforms, writing clean code, love to follow standards, hate spaghetti code, want to learn about how a startup is built from the ground floor than we want to talk to you!

We are looking for talent, drive, vision and character. We embody the work hard, play hard mantra and hold fast to our corporate value to "be great people. do great things." If this sounds like you....please contact us!

We're mainly a MOD PERL/PHP/Flex shop, but went down the .NET road in the beginning....so if you're sworn to that platform, sell us hard!

all resumes to: jared@wishy.com AND deano@wishy.com and please tell us what your three favorite books are.

Equity Stake & Pay: TBD and DOE


* Work your magic; Take our smooth/stylish designs and finish GUI functionality, finish the programming/architecture for a scalable high-transaction corporate "back-end" database and
* Work closely with executive team to scale / architect platform
* QA platform and functionality
* READ THIS and if you are not deterred, contact us immediately!!


#1 Talent, drive and ATTITUDE. We will hire for personality and integrity!

* B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or Engineering
* Proven ability to develop world class systems
* 3+ years OO PHP4/PHP5
* 3+ years PERL
* 3+ years HTML / JavaScript
* 3+ years SQL
* MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle (stored procedures / clustering / load balancing a plus)
* Linux flavors (Redhat / BSD / CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian)
* Basic fundamentals in (OOP)
* Experience with MVC
* Links to online portfolio of systems built
* Out of the box, creative thinker
* Self-motivated; extreme pride in work
* Team player


* Be part of the Founding Executive Team, after most of the sweat-equity has been poured!
* Equity stake...and possibly your ticket to freedom and a legendary career in the tech world


* C / C++ / Java / Python / CSS / XML / Action Scripting
* Ajax libraries (prototype / moofx / scriptaculous / dojo)
* Open source technologies
* Lighttpd / Apache
* Online advertising experience (Adsense / Doubleclick / Panama)
* Scalability / Redundancy / High volume environments
* System administration skills
* Smarty
* Template toolkit
* Memcache
* Bugzilla / Trac

10 July 2007

Psalm 55

What's up foolio's??

I know it's a long one, but a worthy story to read; please take a minute and read Psalm 55

FYI: The psalms are in the Christian Bible, and Jewish Tanakh ;)

here are my thoughts, just had to share w/ you all:

Psalm 55: talk about being under attack and wanting to flee! This is freaking DAVID! The King that won more battles than anyone! The general commanding troops to take more blood than anyone in the Bible...DAVID wanted to fly away like a bird. He was heartbroken because his friend had turned against him. He was feeling attacked everywhere. In the heart, in the city, and I think we can presume safely....on the battle field. Wow...ever felt that way in life??

Freaking DAVID himself--Fellas, ladies....never forget this. God LOVED David's heart, he loved the passion with which he sought after His heart. He is what scholars call "a man after God's own heart"....and he was honestly PANICKED and HEARTBROKEN in this Psalm.

Take comfort in that my bros, take comfort for if David is allowed to be there, if David--who was ALWAYS in God's palm, was allowed to go through this, and was so vehemently hunted and scorned....then, if was are in God's palm and after His heart...we will be too.

But the good news is, we will also have many victories and be sheltered by God in battle after battle after battle, when we seek His heart and will for our lives first!

awesome reminder! I freaking LOVE DAVID. learning so much from the Psalms....



A Warrior's Journey

He stands in triumph looking down across the vast and expansive valleys lit with dawn's first kiss

The iridescent illumination of undisturbed path along the ridge testifies to his trail-setting march

The journey burnt the lungs of his soul. Consuming the mind with its ambush of fire.

The pain of the ascent debilitating, exploited and concentrated. Inviting the probing tacticians lurking in wait, stalking The Way, seeking to consume his eternal light in hopeless abyss.

Doubting sentinels crushed amber ends of their smokes into the dirt on his grave. Organic. Buried alive, in heart only. Hope crucified. The sinister soil feeding parasitically off of the life of a dream dared to be dreamt.

The doubt assimilated with the soul, traveling in stealth, intravenously.

The siren beckons, coercing the battle to rise. Pursue.

The temptation moved slithering across the path seemingly almost in cadence with his march. As the sky darkened, the liar's voice sought to marginalize the journey, pleading for a settlement. An accord shy of the heart's summit.

Lies hammer the armor, storm after storm, causing the soul to stir with vengeful aggression

The woman seductively beckons his heart just to the edge of the path ahead

The sword had to drawn, unsheathed as insolence feeds a holy fire. It is a time to relish the brutal, unflinching cold execution. Put to death are wretched demons of opposition. Cold steel lumbered through contorted flesh.

And he kneels, laboring again over the blood enveloping the liar's ground. The soul of the warrior is in communion with the one who always will be. Sanctification. Kneeling prayer. Exaltation.

The sun races, plummeting westward, as he is ushered with a youthful vigor by the spirit of David, King of Israel, late afternoon rays lighting the path at his feet.

She emerges from his side along the ridge, having caressed his shoulder, and made light his soles. Her succulent kiss awakens.

The sword is emphatically plunged into the earth, as the sun sets behind the imposing range of great mountains--battle peaks and rumbling valleys--of the future that lie ahead.

Jared L. Still 26 May 2007

08 July 2007

I'm 3 for 7

Some authority named the new seven wonders of the world yesterday. Yes, there was regrettably yet another seven on the "luckiest day ever".

I digress...the wonders (who actually gets to be the authority on such things, and why wasn't I consulted? Or at least given the chance to text my answer eleventy billion times to Ryan Sechrist) are fantastic choices, and I have seen three of them.

The Colosseum in Rome

Petra, Jordan

The Taj Mahal

Three down, four to go.

private jets for climate change

John Buckley of Carbon Footprint, an organization that helps companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, said Saturday that Live Earth will produce about 74,500 tons of the gas.

"We would have to plant 100,000 trees to offset the effect of Live Earth," he said, speaking by telephone.


buy a 100% recycled t-shirt, feel good about yourself.

ban volcanoes, eliminate 110 million tons of CO2 per year....now that's a concert I'd love to see!

Ban Gore's jet! Ban Mt. Saint Helens!