30 August 2007

see, sometimes people just lie for attention...


Kid puts up a video in which he (allegedly) goes 140mph in a Ford ESCORT??

that is not a typo...that says ESCORT. Not Ford GT. Nor Mustang (which btw, being so damn boxy would have a tough time getting to 140 itself). Escort.

Now, I've gone 140mph before (what is my Constitutional right against self-incrimination, again?). On the way from Flagstaff to Vegas, wide-open road in a new Vette. 145 actually. Scariest thing ever...and the corvette is PLANTED on the ground. It's not some freaking toaster-mobile like Crissy's car....it's vehicular gold, baby. And 140 was terrifying.

No way this kid got an Escort goin' 140mph. Maybe KILOMETERS...not miles.

You can't believe everything those wily Britt's say