18 May 2010

My birthday request. Please pass along

My family, friends, peers & fellow veterans...

You're receiving this email because I have very important favor to ask of each of you.

Friday is my birthday (number 33, for those keeping score at home). As I'm sure for many of you, these days are flying by so quickly, Friday feels like it'll be just another day in this blistering pace of life.

But 2010 is a very important to me, because I want to ask all of you for one of the biggest gifts I've ever asked for. My great friend (and actually Brooke's godfather) Brian Miller, is running for Congress in Arizona, (District 8, encompassing Tucson, and to the south & east).

Having just separated from active duty Air Force as an A-10 attack pilot (Brian remains a Major in the USAF Reserve), Brian has literally run this campaign from scratch. Unlike his primary competitors, and his general election foe, he has boot-strapped this campaign literally from dollar 1, and day 1. I know Brian extremely well (in fact, he is solely responsible for keeping me in ROTC back in 1996, and in many ways, keeping me at NAU), in short, there's nobody I would be more proud to see in the US House, than Brian and his family.

Brian Miller is the embodiment of everything our Founding Father's envisioned, in establishing the House of Representatives; principled, a servant-leader, federalist, constitutional conservative that is the visionary behind The Freshmen 50, a non-partisan PAC that aims to put 50 new congressmen in office with an oath to restore fiscal sanity to Washington. Brian Miller's leadership is without peer, and is an absolutely critical candidate at this moment in our nation's history. Here's a Human Events article that highlights his vision.

However, Brian isn't the career politician that one of his opponents is, and doesn't come with mommy & daddy's checkbook & daddy's salary as does his other opponent, so the financial road he is hauling is a substantial one. Make no mistake about it, as much traction as Brian's hard work & tireless effort have bought him--money still makes campaigns "scale". And that's what Miller's campaign needs now more than ever. Brian will win the general against Gabby Giffords, if he can buy enough financial "runway" to allow this jet to keep gaining altitude. In the arena of ideas, and quality of candidate, there is no match for Brian, but frankly, he's got to add some fuel to keep scaling his message--money buys you reach in politics.

That's where you all come in, as my birthday comes upon us. I want to ask that each of you give $20.10 to Brian's campaign to restore this Representative Republic, and restrain the encroachment of Government. Honestly, if you can give $210.00 or more, please do, if you can only give 2 lattes ($7), please do.

And then I ask--this part is critical--that you each please forward this to 5 people that you can trust to act, and do the same. This is crucial to me--you have been chosen because I honestly believe that you will each honor this request. Please, fuel the brushfires of freedom. Give Brian the $20.10 that you would otherwise spend if the two of us were to grab a couple beers on my 33rd birthday. Please fuel this campaign. Please help it continue to reach all of Southern Arizona. Please put a true, citizen legislator, hero and patriot in office this November from my dusty ole' hometown.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- In Liberty