31 July 2007

Forecast for Tuesday, 60% chance of roid rage, with evening Achilles tears

I'm going to the Dodgers/Giants game at Chavez ravine (thanks Sam!)...

and I'm going to BOO that big-headed Bonds...I don't care if his head has its own weather system...

I don't care if his head has grown so big, it gets a kids menu at Denny's.

I just want to see him 3-hop throws from the outfield in the first inning, and then get shanked by some esse from Hillside when he pirouettes after hitting home run number 755 or 756.

Long Live Hammerin Hank!

Long Live the Babe!

Yes, I am going to boo!

I might not be allowed to carry some asterisk sign into Dodger Stadium, but I can tattoo a big fat BLUE one on my FACE...and go streaking through the outfield, in hopes that Barry will roid-rage, chase me down, and blow his Achilles before he ever gets a chance to hit 755 or 756.

C'mon Barry! bring your giant freaking head, its weather system, its three zip codes and its 10,000 ft runway and municipal airport....and come and get me you horse-roid FREAK!

I'll be the crazy guy, with the BLUE ASTERISK on my FACE!

29 July 2007

Twitter.com is having "The Best Week Ever"

First, Fred Wilson, blogger of AVC (Venture Capitalist) and partner at Union Square Ventures of NYC invests in twitter.com....then JARED STILL joins their site! Whoooo hooooo!!

I love testing/using/musing about web 2.0 services. I love and embrace (and through Wishy.com, will shape :) ) the new web and its changing service/tool model. I love it .

You guys should join me on twitter. Interesting platform.



Fred's been shilling this site for a few months, but I never really quite got it until I started blogging, I really like how twitter is a mix between texting and blogging It's literally like texting now, with their mobile choice. I twittered from the LA Galaxy/Chivas game last night to check it out.

I know it's I love unilateral communication; ergo blogging, texting and bulletins, so that my thoughts--irreverent or news based--can go (mostly) in one direction at the time and in delivery method of my choosing. This is why I don't pick up my phone too often, because it's usually not a decent time to talk. It is a unique situation when the bi-lateral type of comm works for me. I've got the ringer turned way down usually too.

Anyways....time to run, eat, church. Oasis at 1230, Bel Air at 6; see you all there :)


Only a little truck bomb to change your mind...

I was so mistaken!

Here I thought peace and economic opportunity would show the futility backwardness and hollow lies of Al Quaida...and all it took was a truck bomb!

Aspen? Man...I was way off!