27 July 2007

Blogging lull

I too have been way too busy lately...but I can certainly make the time for one very long run-on sentence-of-an-update:

I have have been living brotherhood, space-launch, wishy.com development, user-control, space exploitation, wishy exec team, financing, my finances, AF/DoD acronym overload, capital brainstorming, praying, thinking, grinding through Satelites, GPS, Bible-study, consulting, wishy, programmers, research & development, meetings, HR, in-processing, auto-radar and of course hating on Vick have all become exhaustingly complicated by conflict with signifcant ones has recently been multiplied by the largess factor of just trying to be all-loving-giving-serving, holding firm on the path of righteousnes in being a father/brother/son/friend/boyfriend/volunteer/athlete.

As Madden would say, "BOOM! like a Mac Truck, he didn't even see it coming!" Yeah, life....I give it to God, and I now don't even see it coming....