15 August 2007

it like, totally comes in pink & fits in, like, my Channel bag too

I don't know...maybe it's just me....but this is scarier than firearms....because at least most people are too scared to go buy a firearm. This frightens me as a Dad, boyfriend and LA resident. If I were the predatory criminal type, and I came across a target of opportunity, say for instance a gorgeous girl, little girls, convenience store owner, or just an apparent-well-to-do 4Runner-driving white guy, I could drop/incapacitate my victim and not have to use deadly force.

I am a HUGE, strict-constructionist of the 2nd Amendment (well, the rest of the Constitution for that matter)...but this thing, coming to a WALMART near you?!

Now packing 50,000 volts in your purse?!