15 August 2007

maybe Al Gore will create a HISTORICAL documentary too...

I for one, will lend my astute political and media perspective to ALgore as a consultant on the film.

We will first interview a leading climate change scientist from the 1970's (yeah; global COOLING was the man-made problem just years ago), who may explain why carbon dioxide emissions have been "conclusively scientifically proven" to be a cause of both global warming AND cooling.

Maybe then we'll have some Michael Moore style fun with the NASA climate "experts" who just realized that the 1930's dustbowl was the hottest temperature this last century--NOT 1998!

Must have been all those damn SUV's and power-plants of the 1930's....

"Wait! You say! Why haven't I seen that on the evening news, if it's true??"

Kids, you have to ask yourselves these same questions. Although maybe a bit red-faced, if you ask your parents, they were probably also in the "Corporate America is killing the planet" global cooling brigade of the '70's. Then they were leading the war to save the ozone.

Yeah--remember the ozone layer? I thought we were all supposed to die or melt by now...how is it that the ozone layer has actually repaired itself? Couldn't possibly be our cyclical climate, right?

Kids. Don't drink the Koolaid. Ask tough questions....it doesn't make you compassionate, virtuous NOR informed to be an intellectual lemming.

I digress, back to the film:

Maybe, me and the monotone-monster algore will then go back to Greenland and figure out which one of Halliburton's SUV's is responsible for the ICE GROWTH in Greenland

As with all great Documentary pieces, we need to move people to action!

I will then wake up algore, dress him in some earth tones, call him an alpha male, and try to scare everybody into agreement!

And then when our beloved Hurricane season "proof" fails to materialize, we will tell people that Global Warming is just taking a nap. A siesta. A timeout. A break. A little nappy-poo.......


...and algore and I will laugh all the way to the bank. Suckers.