14 May 2008

Random, concussion-induced musings

So, as you might be aware if you follow me on twitter, I have a concussion. Yep, a concussion.

How you may ask? I am so glad you asked! Let me tell you!

In a brilliant move last night, I was traversing the Route Irish of our house; the pitch black alley of death between my bed and the toilet part of the bathroom. in the 15 feet before the I reach relief, I must daftly avoid the attacks of any number of snipers (random floor-borne hazards) and road-side bombs (doors ajar). So last night, the shower door--the insurgent of the bathroom--left itself open at such an angle that it hit me dead on in the eyebrow. There was no glancing-blow...I hit it dead-on, and my bell was rung. After evading further attack (and taking out my anger on both Mr shower door and Mr bathroom door), I sat down on the toilet (yes, I'm secure enough in my manhood to admit I sit down when I pee. I'm just too lazy to stand there, and secondly, I stopped peeing standing up once I started having to clean my own bathroom. Just never know where that stream is going to go, especially at night. And that's disgusting.)...I digress. I sat down on the toilet and started bleeding. A lot.

Today I was dizzy, completely nauseous and hurting pretty bad. I'll be fine, but it was not pleasant.

So, these are a random collection of thoughts in a concussion induced state.

- I love my parents. As each day in my maturation (drinking from the fire hose of real life) as a man, Dad, husband and step-dad comes & goes, I have a renewed appreciation and admiration for my wonderful Mom, my amazing Dad, and my loving Step-Mom. In short, they friendships are more precious than gold, and their characters more solid, righteous and inspiring than any hero that Hollywood could write into even the best of screenplays. I love My Mom, Dad and Step-Mom so very much.

- I also have a burning anger, disgust and disappointment in my Step-Dad. I don't feel good about having so much anger, but its the type of righteous anger that I believe we are supposed to feel towards evil, sin and destruction. I do need to move my heart to the New Testament part of this chapter and find grace and a peace that surpasses all understanding. I'm just not there though.

- My wife is my best friend, and our marriage is the absolute greatest gift and joy of my life. Not because its a party or always easy. Those of you who know me, know I am far too passionate, grumpy, irritable and emotional for any relationship to be smooth sailing. But also among you, you have told me my heart is as big as five states. And that with God's grace and Jill-just-being perfect-hearted-Jill, its amazing.

- I am really praying to know in what way God wants me to use my gifts, talents and passions to bring Him glory and advance the Kingdom. I know it's going to be a strategic position, with great opportunity. He's put in deeply in my heart. But what does that look like? What will be my life's work and ministry outside of the home?

- Lebron James is the biggest freak I have ever seen. And Brian McKiernan and Adam Coyne still owe me $100 each because I bet them back in 2003 that King James would have a better rookie year than anyone in the modern era other than Oscar Robertson. Pay up suckas. He's perhaps more of a freak emotionally than physically. I mean think about it. This 18 year old lived up to, and continues to surpass any and all expectations, under greater pressure and scrutiny than has ever been placed on any athlete. Ever. Amazing. I love Lebron.

- I love Brady Quinn too. A great friend of mine had lunch with the Browns front-office and BQ this week. And at 23, this kid really gets it. In a Christian perspective and understanding of his blessings, talents and opportunity. I really want to see him succeed.

- I am a jerk sometimes. Sometimes I just have nothing but irritation. Grumpiness. I act like the 7 year old Jared crawled inside the 30 year old Jared and started knifing the 30 year old and blaming it on everyone else around. In a way it just reminds me of how young I am. How fast it seems I had to grow up. How much more it seems I have to grow to be the man that God designed me to be.

- But you know what? I'm on God's path for my life right now, so that growth and maturation is called: SANCTIFICATION. So, I'm cool.

- Don't tase me bro!

- I have the need.....the need for speed........

- Ah ha....Jester's dead!

- And two of your snot-nose punks buzzed my tower at over 400 knots! I want some butts!

Love this video below...and I love you!