12 December 2008

I heart towers that bad guys hate

We love technology at SoldierWish and the Wishy company.

We hate bad guys at SoldierWish and the Wishy company.

So naturally, we're big fans of technologies that help our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines put hot lead on bad dudes. We love when the lead-to-air ratio in a bad guy's home tips the survivability scale in the good guys favor.

Raytheon has been providing our Army with what is essentially 'listening posts' in theater for the last couple years. Infared sensors, video, and other 'sensor' and surveilance capabilities placed on top of the tower provide static, pervasive and constant eyes & ears for our operators forward in theater.

Raytheon delivers tower number 300 to the US Army.

In the interest of full disclosure, each of my pay-checks are signed & deposited by the Raytheon Company.