06 January 2009

My 2009 Goals

Whether we've known each for 18 years, or 18 days, you can probably see that I try to live my life pretty transparently. I do this for a multitude of reasons; I feel it's essential as a Christian to live/walk in light. I love technology, and web/mobile technologies create conversation, foster and build relationships and serve as a living record of a life lived. I feel it keeps me honest & accountable. Clearly, there are many marriage & family things that aren't shared--both victories and challenges--but for the most part, my life is pretty easy to know through technology. That is not to say that I am easy to "know" just because I use Twitter and Facebook...just ask Jill. I can be pretty complex.

Anyways, thought I would share with you all--for mutual accountability, encouragement & inspiration--my goals for 2009. I feel this is a holistic approach to life that is attainable, and reflects my real foundation...but would love everyone's thoughts.


I want 2009 to be one of the most transformative years of my life.

Strike that, I want 2009 to be the single-most transformative year of my life.

Ok, so 2008 may have beaten me into a bit into submission, but it was amazing. It was also the first year of my adult life that I had no new debt, so that's awesome.

This narrative will serve as the canvas upon which I write out the goals and objectives for the year.


- Read the New Testament
- Find a home group by end of January
- Join the Church after baptism
- Teach the girls every week from Kids Village Material
- Complete Recovery Step-study


- Two 'honeymoons' with Jill: CO for retreat with other marrieds.
- Get-away wknd every quarter
- 30 straight days
- Family movie night every week
- Florida game in Baton Rouge or LSU at Washington in Seattle or both
- Date night every week (even if it's a 'home' date night)
- Outdoor nights as a family 3 nights/week
- Read two marriage books together
- Attend a marriage conference wknd
- Go to Michigan as a family
- Call brothers, cousins, Mom & Dad weekly
- Call Aunt/Uncles, Grandparents, in-laws monthly


- Get to 190lb body-weight ASAP and maintain. (Goal: 1 March)
- Cardio 5 days/week
- Train or lift 3 days/week
- Run 10k race in March
- Run 1/2 marathon by 21 May
- Set weekly fitness schedule and maintain every week
- Fast & diet religiously. (be intentional about the fast, praying, praying, praying)
- Get back to 20+ pull-ups, and to 150 push-ups
- Half marathon in 1:40
- Diet: disciplined & fast weekdays. Free on Sat, Sun eat lighter, if not great.


- Tithe. Period.
- No new debt
- Move fully to Crown system; use envelopes.
- Reach $1,000 savings
- No missed/late bills
- Paydown monthly according to schedule.
- Repay Taylor & Brooke's savings


- Get hired into BD position by end of March.
- Finish SMU, Texas and Cornell-Queens MBA applications by 15 February
- Start MBA program in August
- Finish thejaredstill.com by end of February
- Start notaweso.me in January; update to manageable by end of February
- Post to SoldierWish.com blog 4x per week
- Update/merge SoldierWish blog by 15 January
- Hit all Raytheon process, gate, ICMS and CAST goals
- Miss zero suspenses for anything promised to customer/boss
- Find mentor, find mentoree.


- Contacts; phone, email, calendar, work, home, all synced and updated. (75% done)
- Calendar; capture all birthdays and important dates. Cards & flowers on major days
- Attention to detail. Sync financial obligations & expenses with calendar. (90% done)